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Data collection and data processing services adapted to meet your specific marketing research needs

CATI Data Collection & Recruiting

  • Telephone Interviews
  • Recruiting
  • In-depth Interviews

All interviewing and data collection activity is administered and supervised from our facility or using remote interviewers.

Online Data Collection

  • Open Access
  • By Invitation Only / PIN Enabled

The same powerful programming functions of our survey system are easily extended for creating online surveys. Graphics, logos and special tables can be easily included for a more visual appeal. Online surveys are hosted on our secure web server.

Mixed-Mode Data Collection

An online survey system integrated with the telephone survey system to improve cooperation rates.

Having the online survey system integrated with the telephone survey system is particularly useful when using a mixed-mode data collection approach, such as switching from an online approach to reaching respondents by telephone.


Comprehensive coding schemes and exhaustive and acccurate coding to assure a minimal number of responses remain un-coded.

Code lists are sent to our clients for approval prior to coding to ensure that they meet our their analysis needs.

Data Processing & Banners

Data processing services involve the validation of data, weighting, re-coding values, merging and partitioning data, and the formatting (structuring) of a cleaned data file.

TSP prepares statistical tables from simple frequencies (counts) and cross-tabulations to more complex banners and statistics run on raw or weighted data or subsets of the data.

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